A unique web and mobile platform for business process optimization in the HoReCa and Food and Drink sectors.

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Funded by EU ECP 2014-2020 (best score in Slovenia)

Pioneers 500 2017 (World’s 500 top tech startups)

Finalist for best startup of the year 2017 Slovenia

MOS’s entrepreneur talents 2017


OptiBar is a web and mobile platform where we deliver exclusive analyses that help to optimize business processes of the major stakeholders both in the HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) and Food and Drink sectors. We use several new data sources through which we prepare thorough analyses of the big data sets we gather and offer statistical insights into the business activities happening on the market.


Thorough data analysis and market research
Statistical insights about the business activities
Marketing channel to clients
Gathering feedback from clients
Easy coordination of work schedule
Automatic transfer of delivery notes to POS system
Better internal communication with meaningful employee interactions & engagement

Our system disrupts the current way of leading and controlling the logistics and sales, doing marketing, and opens a new channel for education and barrier-free communication among different stakeholders. It is reshaping and improving these processes by gathering and carefully delivering rich data that have up until now not been available to the involved stakeholders.

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